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When we learn it we care, when we care we do something.

Our mission is to enrich the cultural identity of Mexico; All our products are produced in collaboration with the artisans of the Wixárika community of the Sierra Madre Occidental in northern Jalisco.

We are also interested in strengthening our local economy, which is why we make sure to be transparent in the traceability of our materials to our manufacture in Guadalajara. We work only with 100% natural fibers, and some free of toxic chemicals under a fair trade scheme, thus providing decent work to our entire value chain.





Garments made 100% by Mexican hands in collaboration with indigenous artisans

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Fair and local trade

Our value chain is based on fair trade. We want to contribute to the economic development of our country.


Socially responsible

We fight to generate a positive impact on the indigenous communities of our country and for the preservation of the biosphere



We use only Mexican raw materials and we ensure that our garments represent the least environmental and social impact

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Free of toxic chemicals

Some of our fabrics are free of toxic chemicals to reduce the impact on health and pollution in the water.

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animal respect

At Fuego Azul we do not use any products of animal origin