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We support social initiatives that contribute to the preservation of the Wixárika culture and the community development of indigenous peoples.

"Awaken your roots"

Earth colors

"Uniting ties through art"

Colors of the Earth is a multicultural initiative whose main objective is to create a space to share traditions and culture between the Wixárikas indigenous communities and young mestizos through art and permaculture. 

The activities of Colors of the Earth have consisted of leading workshops on art, painting, drawing, dance, music, permaculture, medicinal plants, among others. to the Wixárikas communities, promoting the creative development of indigenous children, with the aim that, through their works, they can share their vision of the world, traditions and ancestral culture and care for the environment.

Earth colors

eyes of the saw

"Returning sight to continue telling stories"

We are Ojos de la Sierra, a social project that emerged working with Wixarika artisans. We detected the great need to attend to the sight of the artisans as well as the need to integrate visual support while working together with them through the clothing company Fuego Azul arte.


 Ophthalmological detection and follow-up are scarce in the mountains, there is no ophthalmic care in its rural health centers. When we worked with them, we realized the importance of uniting different sectors to support the development and preservation of this native people that we recognize as having social autonomy and the great cultural value that it represents for humanity.


This is how we started, carrying custom prescription lenses, we have managed to deliver more than 2000 lenses and carry out the first ten cataract surgeries. We request your participation and support. You can make donations, we have tax deductible receipts through the Association for Research, Training, Assistance and Wixarica A.C.

Eyes of the Sierra

blue corn

"Our Ancient Quest"

Maíz Azul is a project that aims to recover ancestral indigenous designs that have survived for generations in Wixárikas embroidery, through the creation of notebooks from recycled leaves with illustrations by young Mexican artists such as Alegría del Prado. 

The notebooks are made by a collective of women in Mexico City


Casa Huichol

Casa de Salud Huichol is the assistance project of AICAW A.C. where Wixaritari patients of 2nd and 3rd level of health are supported with orientation, rehabilitation and medications.

We encourage support for various ceremonial centers seeking the preservation and strengthening of the Wixaritari culture, its cosmogony and ancient traditions with support, research and documentation projects.

30 years of experience endorse us as trainers in projects that seek to strengthen this culture, including disease prevention, nutrition, alternative agricultural techniques, energy, etc.



We are @fuegoazularte and we are @chiwik_. We walk together and together feeling the throbbing of the earth under our feet. We are weaving among our threads all the gifts that nature gives us to create pieces full of harmony and respect for life. We have created this alliance to promote all that ancestral wisdom hidden behind our embroidery, giving strength, voice and autonomy to the hands and hearts of all those women creators of these dreams turned into fabric.

We are part of the movement for the fashion revolution, recognizing and promoting ourselves as responsible textile producers and inviting an increasingly conscious consumption. We seek to promote the dissemination of the artisanal textile culture of the native peoples of Mexico, through these artisanal co-creations and audiovisual content in conjunction with Producciones Espora.

Looms of visions, dreams, mountains, clouds, flowers, colors, laughter and silence created this unique manifestation of the encounter between the Masehual and Wixarika peoples.

Walk with us to remain present in this manifested vision, that there are more and more threads that weave reality with life, that we learn with an open heart the teachings of the earth and its children. Let the light flourish and let the native peoples flourish.